What is Roll & Release?


Roll & Release is a prop based system of yoga designed to create flexibility, to ease or eliminate pain and deeply calm the central nervous system by working with the connective tissue ‘fascia’. The practice itself was created by drawing from many different disciplines, Yoga, Tom Myers ‘Anatomy Trains’, Karin Gurtner’s SLINGS training, functional movement trainings - and more. The result is a simple, profound, effective practice that both lifetime movers and beginners can immediately feel in their body.


What is fascia?

Fascia is a beautiful, interweaving, spiderweb-like, collagenous connective tissue that gives your body form and shape. It’s woven all through you - covering your organs, bones, muscles, creating ligaments, tendons and even surrounding individual muscle fibers. The story of your life is stored within your fascia. This is why decades old injuries that have healed can still bother us, imbalances from playing sports can still affect us and it’s how stress or trauma physically stores itself within your body. Although it is the thing that gives us movement, when it becomes stuck, knotted or damaged it can cause all sorts of physical and emotional restrictions.

That’s where Roll & Release comes in - it’s what brings freedom to your fascia.

Why Should You Roll?


Roll & Release brings your attention in a conscious way to those areas of your body that are stuck and held. Instead of ‘I have tight hamstrings’ or ‘I have lower back pain’, it becomes ‘Oh, I have some stuckness in my lower left outer hamstring’ or ‘I have some tightness and restriction at the top of my right hip’. Once the stuck areas are found, you can use the balls in exactly the right place, at exactly the right pressure to roll this area out, bringing hydration, pressure and breath to undo any knots you find. Doing this in a systematic way completely relaxes your whole body, deeply calming your central nervous system, and - as one student once put it - ‘leaving your body feeling like a warm, chocolate chip cookie’.


What do you need?

We created this practice to be as simple and as portable as possible. That way you can use it at home, in the office, on flights, at the beach, in movies, at weddings… anywhere you want to roll you can. For 75% of this practice all you need are a set of Myofascial Release balls... and you. For the other 25%, a block can come in handy, though Tolstoy's War & Peace would do in a pinch (come on, we know you’re not really reading it anyway).